Bosch Batteries

Free battery check

When you need a car battery, call a professional technician that know what battery is suited for your vehicle

When the temperature outside drops & winter sets in, this is when your car battery has the highest failure rate. Before this happens we provide the following service for FREE.

In order to maintain a healthy car battery, a professional check is required once a year. This check will state if a car battery replacement is necessary. We do the following checks

  • Test existing battery in your vehicle with professional equipment
  • Test vehicle charging system comprehensively
  • Test power leakage of your battery caused by vehicle

Since modern vehicles computer systems create a small but constant drain on batteries, even when the vehicle is parked, this is the main reason why a strong, healthy battery is essential to secure a safe and proper operation of your vehicle. This is why we recommend and sell BOSCH batteries, the leading batteries in Australia.

As a BOSCH Australia Authorised Battery Reseller the wide range of Bosch batteries stocked are as follows:

  • S3 & S3+ Economic power, Dependable starting
  • S4 Strong power for every vehicle
  • S5 Premium energy for Highest Performance

We dispose of your battery in an environmentally friendly manner so you are reassured leaving your old battery with us is dealt with in a professional manner and recycled. A good quality battery can last four or five years with proper care, although battery failure can occur in as little as three years. We sell Bosch batteries for the highest quality for Sydney Climate. So make sure you have your vehicle battery checked today.

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